Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Verify CODE

You know when you write a comment on a post , or are confirming an order and you are requested to reply to the little ( usually grey) box with the words  . . .  ENTER ENCRYPTED CODE?

 Am I the only person that has absolutely no clue on what the numbers or letters are supposed to be?
Why are the words and numbers slanted and overlapping each other?

It looks like the code has been out on a drinking binge and we are supposed to figure out what in the hell it's saying.

Most of the time (I'm embarrassed to admit), I have to type in several attempts before I get it right. Who thinks of this stuff anyway? Is there someone making up the program saying to themselves "I bet they won't get this one?" I can see the encryptors (is that what they would be called?) all sitting around laughing at how clever they are. I haven't let them get the best of me though. I'l fake it as best I can.

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