Sunday, July 11, 2010

Allergic to Jeans

     I really love jeans.
     Especially the ones with long skinny legs and are low slung on the hip. They look great on and are cute and sexy. The go with everything. Everything that is except ME.
     Unfortunately. I don't have the body shape for those jeans. My waist is thicker, I have a bit of a belly, my thighs  touch, and I'm short. Not exactly a model for jeans. (Wow, it sounds like I described myself as a troll. It's not as bad as that.)
     I'm really a very girly girl and I do love dresses and skirts. I find they flatter my figure much more and I feel more confidant in them. But there are times when skirts and dresses don't work. And times when the look calls for casual and jeans are the perfect choice.  I feel like no matter what, a skirt tends to be more dressed up. And with a long skirt you have to be alert to Little House on the Prarie looks. But that is still preferred over the camel toe effect that pants can give you.
     I  look for inspirations and have made a pact with myself NOT to buy clothing unless I am happy with how it fits before purchase. Will there be a pair of jeans that fit and look good on me in my future???? That is an evolution in itself.
     Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've started  to work on the body a bit.  Although the possibilty and probability of my aspirations are limited by genetics and a lack compulsive desires to exercise and diet forever.  Maybe I'll add some wishful thinking. After all, it's about attitude, right?

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