Friday, July 2, 2010


     I know a secret about someone who was once in my life. A secret that they would be devastated if anyone knew. This person knows that I know this secret, in fact I have spent years helping them to camoflage it. We have long gone our separate ways and I have not divulged their secret even though they have said  hurtful things to me and to others about me. They have done this, telling of partial truths about me, to those that I hold dear, in order to make them turn away from me. They said they would do this if I ended my relationship with them, but I didn't think anyone would really believe them. Silly me.
     I have hopes that the people who really love and care about me will come around and realize that I am not the person that I have been painted to be. The reason they can't believe it is because it is not true. It is all that I can say. Perception.  A need to put anger in the lap of someone. Don't believe the things that are said by another who has a vengeful  tongue, believe what you know is to be true in your heart and judge from your experience. Meanwhile I am being patient, knowing that sometime, they will understand, they will be awakened by a feeling of something is not right about all this. It is hard to let others grow into their own answers, but it is the only way. I have an ache that lies heavy in my heart and yet a handful of hope that burns that eternal flame of things to come. i just hope I will not be too tired when it finally arrives.

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