Thursday, July 1, 2010

Promises to girlfriends

     Some years back when the hormones began to jump ship, several of my same aged girlfriends and I made a pact.

     Now in the lieu of more important things in life, this is way down the list. But I assure you, on the minds of women everywhere, they just don't bring it up.

     We promised that should any of us become very ill, drift into a coma or become disabled in any way, that we would be there for each other. We would do what we couldn't do for ourselves anymore at that time. Yes, we will come to the hospital, home, or even rehab or convalescent quarters armed to do the job. When all others are out of the room, we will search for, identify and and promptly remove (with our sharp and slanted tweezers) all stray chin hairs that sprout like frogs after a rain.

Now, what better friends can you ask for?

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